January 27,1996

The Honorable Senator Robert Smith
332 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Smith,

The Constitution of our country and private citizens are repeatedly under attack by a Section 501 (3) (c) U. S. taxpayer supported entity which has a 40 year history of criminal behavior in the United States and the world.

Actions that I have experienced vicariously through the pages of the Washington Post, New York Times, L.A. Times and seen on the internet in the last year by the Church of Scientology compel me to ask something of you. Why is Scientology allowed to flagrantly abuse the First and Fourth Amendments to our Constitution; specifically, Scientology’s abuse of ex parte searches and seizures with expedited discovery in copyright related civil court procedures?

These ex parte searches essentially allow private citizens to conduct searches of other private citizens with little, and, in some cases almost no, oversight by courts or law enforcement authorities. Ex parte searches without supervision effectively legalize Scientology’s previously documented criminal practices of burglary and theft. If you ever have trouble sleeping, try reading the almost 300 pages of Stipulations of Evidence in the United States of America v. Mary Sue Hubbard, et al (the others being 10 more top Scientology officials). Read how this now 501(3)(c) corporation infiltrated and burglarized the IRS, the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s office. Scientology says it has changed since 1974 but every day on the internet I see these people doing the same thing they have done for over forty years---LIE. Scientology, semper idem.

I am asking you as one New Hampshire’s Senators to find out if indeed you and the Attorney General’s Office shares my belief that the Church of Scientology makes it a practice to abuse the laws of the United States of America and to harass citizens of this country who dare to exercise their rights to criticize Scientology.

I’ll share a few quotes with you from the November 1995, VOL., 9. NO 2. issue of The American Jurist, Washington College of Law cover story: Dangerous Science: The Church of Scientology’s Holy War against Critics-

“Some critics claim that Scientology is far too great a force for just private attorneys and citizens to deal with. They ask that the federal government take major steps to crack down on the

church’s illegal activities (as the governments of Germany and other European countries have been doing).”

“Federal agents complain that the Justice Department is unwilling to spend the money needed to endure a drawn out war with Scientology or to fend off the cult’s notorious jihads against agents.”

“Ignorance about Scientology and its evils are widespread, both here and abroad.”

Senator Smith, I firmly believe that the Constitutional rights of private citizens in New Hampshire and every state should be free of ex pane search and seizure tyranny! My understanding of this issue is that Congress authorized ex parte searches in 1984 to stop counterfeit Disney t-shirts, Gucci bags, Rolex watches and the like. Now these searches are increasingly being used in civil copyright infringement cases. Little if any proof of infringement seems required to obtain a court order allowing for another private citizen to search my home. Almost no court or police supervision of those doing the searching is required and, worse yet, the materials seized have been allowed under the control and possession of the party doing the search; in the cases I’m talking about, the Church of Scientology.

Litigious entities like Scientology have found a way around our Constitutional ban on prior restraint, and that in itself makes this a dangerous practice. Who is defending my rights under the First Amendment? I would have far more rights under the Fourth Amendment vis-a-vis an ex parte civil search, if I were being searched with a valid criminal search warrant issued by a judge with probable cause and executed by officers of the court. This just really makes no sense to me!

Please tell me your position and what more I can do to help stop these practices. In the process, do not hesitate to use my tax dollars to stop Scientology from undermining the U. S. Constitution, our legal system and the rights of all of our citizens.

Very best wishes and thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Robert S. Minton

P.S. I may take the liberty of posting a copy of this letter on the internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology to encourage others to write their elected officials. Your response to this letter may, unless I am requested not to and I agree to respect such a request, be posted on the same internet newsgroup.