IRS and Scientology
Public Research Foundation Reports

Posted anonymously to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology

December 1997


This is a series of public-domain investigative reports on ties between the United States government and Scientology.

In the last report, issued recently, the investigation finally uncovered what lay behind the heavy IRS involvement that is documented in the first four reports in the series.

The first of these reports appeared in late 1997, exposing formerly-hidden connections between the IRS and Scientology's top corporation, the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

Only about a month later, the then-secret "Closing Agreement" between the IRS and Scientology was "coincidentally" leaked to the Wall Street Journal. It has since been learned that the Wall Street Journal had at least the first two of these investigative reports in their possession at the time, and that WSJ journalist Elizabeth MacDonald had--according to her--written a story based on the facts in the reports, but that her story had been quashed in editorial.

Since these investigative reports first started appearing, extreme efforts have been made to discredit the reports, but have never once disproved, disclaimed, or even addressed a single material fact contained in any of the reports.

Some of these investigative reports, plus copious documentation supporting the facts in them, were hand-delivered to the office of William V. Roth, Jr., head of the Joint Committee on Taxation, around January or February of 1998. The reports and supporting evidence were reportedly delivered into the hands of Roth's chief assistant, Bill Nixon, who expressed grave concern over them. But nothing was done.

Because of the seriousness of the facts contained in these reports, and because of the efforts to suppress this information, I decided that these investigative reports were probably of sufficient import to collect them all up from various sources and republish them on relevant newsgroups. I did that in 1999. Now even those reposts have disappeared from the usenet archives that are available on the web. And so I am reposting these again so they will be in the existing available archives.