Elizabeth Daily Journal

New Jersey Starts Action Against Dianetics

January 15, 1951

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc., was accused of operating a school for treatment of disease without a license in a complaint by the State Board of Medical Examiners docketed today in Part I of District Court. The complaint was served on C. Parker Morgan, 275 Morris avenue, registered agent.

The Board, acting through attorney general Theodore D. Parsons, specifically charged that the foundation violated R.S. 18:20-18. The foundation is required to file an answer by Thursday. Otherwise the state may move for a judgment. The act provides for a penalty of $500.

The foundation propounds a theory its supporters claim to be a simple, scientific cure to mental illness. In a 400-page book outlining the theory, L. Ron Hubbard, an Elizabeth resident, claims unqualifiedly that the "hidden sources of all psychosomatic ills and human aberration have been discovered and skills have been developed for their invariable cure."

Opposition to the movement has been strong among certain psychiatric and psychological groups, who claim it does harm to the mentally ill by its oversimplification and its promises.

The act cited in the District Court case differs somewhat from the section under which most prosecutions for practicing medicine unlawfully are instituted. It says:

"No school or college shall be conducted within the State for the purpose of training or qualifying students to practice medicine or surgery or any branch thereof or any method for the treatment of disease or any abnormal physical condition without first securing form the State Board of Medical Examiners a license authorizing it to do so."

Judge Milton A. Feller directed that, conforming to practice giving the State preference in complaints in this category, an early date be assigned for hearings.