Court Bars 2 Dianetics Practitioners

April, 1953

The proprietors of a dianetics school today were on two-year probation with court orders to stay out of business or go to prison. They are Earl Cunard, 8901 Dailey Court, and Mrs. Refa Postel, 16345 Oakfield. Their so-called Detroit Dianetics and Scientology School was operated in Cunard's home until police raided it last March 25.

In Recorder's Court yesterday, both pleaded guilty to operating a trade school without a license.


More serious charges of conspiracy and practicing medicine without a license were dropped, over police protests, on the motion of William A. Flanigan, assistant prosecutor.

He said the other charges were "difficult to prove."

"The main objective was to put them out of business," Flanigan said. "This has been done - for 2 years at least."


Judge John A. Ricca sentenced Cunard and Mrs. Postel after accepting their pleas. Dianetics, the brainchild of L. Ron Hubbard, former science fiction writer, contends that people can relieve their minds of painful impressions which cause bodily ills by psychoanalyzing each other.